Quality Enclosures To Go

Our enclosures are constructed to NEMA standards by experienced Unionized Local 3 Iron workers in Brooklyn, New York.  The National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA) uses a standard rating system that defines the types of environments in which an electrical enclosure can be used, and frequently signifies a fixed enclosure's ability to withstand certain environmental conditions.



From management to the ground crew, our skilled employees possess advanced knowledge of metal fabrication and finishing.


Custom Engineering Design

We utilize industry standard software to design custom enclosures.  We provide engineering support for product design and prototyping.

Worker loading truck

Fast Turnaround

We get started as soon as the order is put in.  And we're usually able to ship within 48hrs.

NB Electrical Enclosures Manufacturers Inc.


We offer fully customized electrical enclosures that are of NEMA standards.  Whether your product requires a single process or multiple manufacturing processes, from a single piece to large production runs, we can accommodate your needs.


We pride ourselves in our continued use of industry standard equipment while staying on the cutting edge of technology in the office and in the field.  We are fully capable or manufacturing products from an array of metal resources.


Engineering and Design

We support product design and development.  Whether it's in our offices or during a field visit, we have the knowhow to design and prototype exactly what you need.  

Our experience in manufacturing quality electrical enclousres is second to none.


With over 45 years combined experience, the leadership in which NBenclosures is led, uses experience and proven results to get quality customized products to the client through a safe and efficient workflow.  We understand importance of time and getting you the custom product you need ASAP and we strive to get it right the 1st time around.