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CAD, Engineering, and Fabrication

NB provides Computer Aided Design (CAD), engineering, and fabrication services—from customer-specified prototypes to fully finished products. We have extensive experience in applying advanced computer modeling techniques that make detailed, accurate specifications for manufacturing and construction.

We can create designs, proposals, and production drawings that allow you to design, test, document, and fabricate your equipment, parts, assemblies, and other products. Our technical specialists use digital data collected by our team, provided by our clients, or processed from your plans, to create digital models that accelerate the product design and fabrication processes.

NB’s CAD software can create or enhance drawings from hard copy or digital formats and allows remote collaboration and management of your sheet metal design processes. Drawings or images are converted into editable digital format, which enables enhancement and high-quality color printing. Our CAD can also provide you with material traceability to ensure that the material ordered is the material used.

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Field Surveying

Our well-trained and highly experienced field surveyors are available to provide you with accurate and insightful on-site assessments. NB’s field surveys are widely acclaimed for their accurate and dependable results, which is the cornerstone for establishing effective design and fabrication processes.

The effectiveness of NB’s field surveys is rooted in the efficiency and practical guidance of our intuitive survey team, and the speed and precision of our inhouse computerized equipment that records manages, and analyzes the data our survey team gathers in the field.

The difference between NB and other firms that provide field surveys is our ability to measure faster and deliver accurate results every time. This means we can provide you with field survey solutions that consistently deliver accuracy, quality control, and verifiable results.

NB’s expedited field surveys can save you up to 80% of field time and significantly reduce follow-up visits. Our surveyors can work either in the drafting office or in the field.