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Company Profile

Neville Bearam is the founder of NB Electrical Enclosures Inc. (NB) and the driving force behind the successful completion of all projects. Neville is an acclaimed innovator and high achiever in the business with over 25 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication, including an outstanding record at HEFTI (Harbor Electric Fabrication & Tool, Inc.), where he rose to the position of Project Manager before starting his own business.

Neville has vast experience in welding, shearing, and bending—especially programming advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines that laser-cut metals. He is also a highly-accomplished business administrator with considerable expertise in the vital areas of financial management, factory floor operations, and office procedures. This solid background ideally equips Neville to spearhead the planning, design, implementation, and follow-up actions on NB’s projects.

Unsurprisingly, he ensures a smooth workflow and maintains efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity in NB’s operations. His expert oversight guarantees the completion of projects without hiccups, and Neville is now widely respected for his exceptional skill at building favorable one-on-one connections with clients.
NB is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) accreditation and affiliation. Neville founded our company on the belief that we could harness new technology to produce top-quality custom-built electrical enclosures at affordable prices. From the start, we have been committed to blazing a trail in the industry through the excellence of our products backed by unbeatable customer service.

Our company continues to pursue this belief—using their incredible ingenuity, experience, and collaborative expertise to execute ultra-modern design, engineering, and manufacturing processes. Our pioneering work and high impact service are now widely recognized across the enclosures sector and beyond.

Our Approach

NB’s solid reputation is no accident. We only engage dedicated professionals who can think outside the box and have a passion for perfection. Our hightech manufacturing facilities utilize only the proven best equipment, materials, techniques, and quality control methods. Each step of every process NB undertakes—from engagement to delivery—is designed to optimize value for our clients.
No request is too hard for us. Our team’s roundtable approach brings unparalleled knowledge and ability to each project NB undertakes. As experts in their fields who have been on all sides of the table, our team members can see your project through multiple lenses and find innovative, cost-effective solutions that are ideal for your unique needs.

Every NB product passes through a rigorous production cycle that blends the best fabrication techniques with the latest technology. Our seasoned team oversees every phase of the production cycle to ensure excellence in every aspect of each product, and we go to any lengths required to achieve it. That’s why all of our enhanced-design products have optimized handling, installation, and safety features.

NB is driven by excellence Integrity, and reliability, experience. Our ability to understand your requirements and integrate these in different product components from design to startup guarantees the best results for you. We specialize in providing top-value engineering solutions that address the cost and performance deliverables that are the right fit for you.
Make the right choice—engage NB. You’ll never look at electrical enclosures the same way again.